The Beguiled: A Trailer Review

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Sofia Coppola fans have been waiting with bated breath for her next film, and The Beguiled is sure to not disappoint. I have yet to actually see the film. However, I am extremely well-versed in Coppola films of the Sofia persuasion. In fact, I have seen every one of her films including her very first feature, Lick The Star. 

The Beguiled appears to have many tried and true traits that Coppola often facilitates in her films. First of all, it is women-centric (much like The Virgin Suicides or Marie Antionette). No matter what the content is, Coppola tends to portray her stories through the eyes of women.

The Beguiled also seems to have very dreamy and beautiful costumes and set designs…another very common trait in Sofia Coppola movies. Most of the trailer portrays the film in this lovely sepia tone which adds to the historical “time period” feel.

There are many aspects to this film trailer that “feels” very Sofia Coppola-esque. However, there seems to be some major departures from Sofia’s typical style. Ordinarily, Coppola films have little dialogue, and a lot of exposition and scenery. This film looks as though there is a TON of high tension and a very deep and edgy plot. It will be so interesting to see how Coppola tackles such a dramatic and suspenseful film. Perhaps an actual movie review is in order soon? For now, let’s just enjoy the trailer.



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