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Soundcloud Can’t Afford to Die

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How It all Started:

Soundcloud was started in Berlin in 2013 by two swedes named Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. Their vision became a reality when they launched what is now the “Youtube of audio”.

Their motive lives on, as their platform allows all users to share audio for free. It became the perfect way to discover new, underground, and upcoming artists.

The Copyright and Moolah Struggle:

All of the gossip circling around, that SoundCloud only has mere days of survival left on its clock, were debunked by famous artist Chance the Rapperchance-rapper-gifHe may have eased everyone’s minds with his phone call to HQ and tweets, but Chance did not give any money to the company. He was just checking up on the website’s stability.

The truth is, SoundCloud is totally capable of staying afloat due to some inside investors, and Ashton Kutcher.

Still, just because it has the resources to maintain itself for now, does not mean that everything is ok.


So go ahead and start writing your thank-you cards now to the investors keeping SoundCloud alive now, because it is only moments away from becoming a non-profit that relies on donations, which only millionaires can afford to dish out.

Nearly half of their staff were fired in layoffs so the company could “ensure our path to long-term independent success.

This has been going on for awhile. In 2013, they lost $29 million that could not be backed up in advertisement sales.

On top of that, every day is a struggle with copyright issues, being that their platform is free to the public, and anything can be uploaded.

There is no surprise as to why SoundCloud is on the struggle bus. It’s competitors have already sunken ship.

Rdio, a streaming service that arrived in America before Spotify, declared bankruptcy in 2015, when it was losing a mere $2 million a month. Pandora, which picked up Rdio’s scraps, has fallen into the fiscal embraceof SiriusXM. Looking at other sites where, like SoundCloud, artists can upload their own songs, survivors are all too rare. YouTube, still going strong as the most-visited streaming site overall a dozen years after its purchase by Google, is an exception. From to the Internet Underground Music Archive, from imeem to MySpace, good luck recovering your old streams. –Pitchfork

Spotify is the main competitor, and their credibility and support shows no signs of financial struggle.

SoundCloud Forever Soap Box Speech:

I did not mistype this headliner. Contrary to popular belief that SoundCloud cannot afford to live, the more important matter at hand, is what were to happen if SoundCloud disappeared from our lives forever.

Reason number one as to why our lives would never be the same without SoundCloud, is the liberty of using our first amendment on a free platform. There are multiple podcasts who utilize SoundCloud to voice their opinions on issues freely. Unlike YouTube, 1504105481963488036SoundCloud does not demand as much attention as a video would. All the creators ask for is your ears. Even artists take use of their first amendment to sing and write whatever music they so please without having to pay for a big production company.

Reason number two why this hypothetical loss would be a travesty, is the loss of discovery that would come with it. Think about all of the amazing talent we obtained from SoundCloud. Not just underground artists, but the mainstream artists that have risen from SoundCloud made millions without having to pay the website any royalties.

Chance the Rapper released his first mixtape through SoundCloud, and to this day he still refuses to sell his music for profit. Instead the Rapper makes money through his merchandise and inexpensive sold out shows.

Bryson Tiller, R&B legend, came up through SoundCloud. There, he was discovered by Drake, and the rest is history.tumblr_o0jqb9uj0o1sa8rcbo1_1280

Lorde released her first EP through SoundCloud titled The Love Club. It included the song “Royals” which she now owns a grammy for.

Leon Bridges, Kaytranda, Lil Pump, Flatbush Zombies, and more have been exposed to high-end labels due to their music being distributed on the free sharing platform that is SoundCloud.

The third reason why SoundCloud cannot afford to die, is the concept of free music whenever you want it. Music is an art form that changes people. Music defines our history, culture, and way of life. Without a free outlet to allow anyone to hear their favorite artist or discover their own true sound, consumer America will win. The quality of free music would be lost in Youtube Ads and clips.

Don’t worry. I highly doubt that SoundCloud is going anywhere, due to the list of artists it helped to jump-start careers. At the speed which Chance ran to attempt to save the company, this business, soon to be a non-profit donation center for millionaire artists, is surely not going anywhere.


Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: July

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Terror Jr.

     Welcome to the domain where underground art rises from the ashes for a brief moment like a phoenix, only to land in that pretty little device of yours to get played on repeat. Each month it shall be my pleasure to fulfill your soul with new music that deserves mass appreciation.

     There is something for everybody on this list, so if you feel like you’ve yet to find your match, keep scrolling and it should appear. The overall theme , as monthly stereotypes would suggest, for July is summertime madness. Therefore, let’s get started with a nice beach sunset over the water, which is the physical embodiment of the first track.

Out Like a Light – Ricky Montgomery & The Honeysticks

    Ricky and the gang stand as one of the best upcoming alternative soft rock artists of early 2017. The harmonies at the beginning of this song that touch over the silky smooth grooves are only a small fraction of what makes this song easy to listen to.

    My favorite feature about this song that differs from Montgomery’s other great soft rock vibes, is how soft it is. If you are a listener that appreciates glassy, alternative music, then this is the track for you.

    One word to define this song would be ‘escalation’ because of how steady and elegantly Montgomery brings the listener on this trippy rollercoaster ride to paradise.

Walls Could Talk – Halsey

Halsey is obviously not the most underground of all artists, but this song unfortunately is. Walls Could Talk is one minute and forty two seconds shy of becoming a hit single, and the only issue is that it was too short for the radio waves.

This song is subjectively the best track on the album due to its chord progression, back track melody on the synths that intertwine with Halsey’s killer vocals, and the fact that the choir backing her are my idea of what walls would actually sound like if they “could talk”.

Halsey’s album, “hopeless fountain kingdom”, as a unit, graced the new Americana with it’s alternative sound. There is something on there for everyone who cares about pop music on a large scale.

Complicated – MIKExAngel

This new song summed up in three words: classic R&B vibes. This artist has worked closely with Trey Songz in the past and it shows. The random “Oh, no no’s” in between melodic runs plays into the classic good ‘ol R&B schtick.

This made the list because everybody needs a small dose of R&B in their lives every now and then, and this gentleman respects the genre. He does it’s justice while adding new age flavor.

We Find Love – Daniel Caesar

   Caesar takes his fans to church with this soulful tune. Just like Out Like a Light, this song is very soft with a choir to back the R&B singer. However, this song has no ties to religion whatsoever, solely love.

     We Find Love is a step onto the beach, and it’s physical embodiment would be walking on the water or that warm tingly feeling when the sun absorbs into your skin.

    Caesar is well known for his alternative R&B piano based sound. With this song in particular, there is a melancholy, universal message behind it. The mantra that repeats throughout goes, “We find love, We get up. Then we fall down. We give up.”

    For any fans of good ol’ R&B or soul or gospel, then this song is for you. A new age classic that touches a sad reality of finding love in relationships.

Death Wish – Terror Jr

This semi-party track is composed by a pop-electro group whose debut albums are fittingly titled “Bop City” and “Bop City 2: TerroRising”. Most of their music sounds like a robot consumed an angel and made art in the midst.

     Death Wish  shines out amongst the rest of “Bop City” due to the catchiness of its groove. Usually when DJ’s layer obscure, off beats over each other from different tastes, it goes one of two ways. In Terror Jr’s favor, it went insanely well.

Their lead singer’s sensual whisper of a melody contrasts nicely with the shocking lyrics and definitive message, “You can be my Juliet, but baby I can be your death wish.”

Like a Woman – Kacy Hill

When I first heard this song, I forced myself to give it a second chance, and I am glad I did. Upon first glance of the title, I was expecting an empowering feminist song to bless my ears, and instead I was pleasantly surprised at the complete opposite angle Hill took.

Hill started off as a background dancer on the Yeezus tour with Kanye West. Through a mutual friend, her music got into the hands of Kanye West himself, who became her close musical mentor. She then became one of two females to sign with the predominantly male hip hop label in 2016.

     Like a Woman is a soft, alt-pop song about femininity that is gained after certain sexual entities cause Hill to “feel like a woman”. It’s edgy.

Once Hill added snaps, a piano, and only a touch of synth, I was hooked. Its a pure track with powerhouse vocals. The simplicity of it is what makes it great.

Main Image Credit:Terror Jr
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