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Bojack Horseman: A Celebrity Hero

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We watch them on T.V., buy their brands, and read about them in magazines, but how much do we really know about our favorite celebrities? We constantly scrutinize them, truly believing that what they are in our minds, is the ideal version of what a human being is. However, we all know that this isn’t the case. Pick your favorite celebrity meltdown of this century. Whether it’s Kanye West or Britney Spears, the people we put on such high pedestals are just people at the end of the day. Like Old Yeezy told us “the people highest up got the lowest self esteem.”

Netflix’s original series Bojack Horseman, sheds a new light on the “has-been celebrity” T.V. show pitch. Set in Los Angeles, Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) is (well… first of all he is a horse man, obviously) a washed-up 80’s star of the insanely popular show Horsin’ Around. The long-lasting popularity of the show still allows Bojack fame and fortune, but as time moves on, every reference to his past work is like a slap in the face. Although he is loved by the public, he longs for something more.  20+ years after the show went of the air, he finds himself alone, bitter and drinking himself through his days and partying through his nights. And the icing on the cake… his only friend is a homeless dude that lives on his couch, Todd (Aaron Paul). Keep Reading

3 Netflix Comedy Specials You Need To Watch This Weekend

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Netflix currently has a load of comedy specials streaming right now. Here are three gems that everyone should check out!

Image Credit: Freeform/Jonathan Weiner)

Iliza Shlesinger – Confirmed Kills
This is Iliza Shlesinger’s 3rd hour-long special. Shlesinger is loud, proud and not afraid to be silly. Her set is filled with funny voices and hysterical asides. Her material is fresh and she tackles issues that many women in their 30’s can relate to: partying too hard and paying for it too hard, self-esteem, and beauty routines. Iliza’s stage presence and high energy are truly compelling. Her confidence is contagious and it definitely makes her comedy shine.

Image Credit: Netflix

Theo Von – No Offense
This is Von’s very first Netflix special. It has received mixed reviews. Von’s stage persona is that of a good ol’ Louisiana Christian man. He comes off as an opinated, southern college “bro.” The material he discusses deal with race, women and religion…basically, all the things you should not discuss on a first date. When his set is looked at out of context, it can seem offensive (hence the name of his special). However, much like Sarah Silverman or Zach Galifinakis, Von is poking fun at the persona he plays. When the audience embraces that, his show is hilarious.

Image Credit: Guidepost

Jim Gaffigan – Cinco
In case it isn’t obvious from the title, this is Jim Gaffigan’s 5th special. Gaffigan is very straight-forward and honest in his comedy, so the title of his show suits him. One of Gaffigan’s comedic trademarks are his asides/commentary he makes to himself as an audience member. Although he does this much less in his special (maybe he is becoming tired of the bit), he still tells hilarious stories of his extremely insane life with his wife and 5 children.

Main Image Credit: Netflix
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