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The Genius of Jerrod Carmichael

in television

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael’s TV show has made headlines all over the nation. In one way, The Carmichael Show is a typical sitcom filmed in front of a live studio audience, depicting a wacky, middle class family.

In another way, the show challenges the audience to look at the “sitcom” in a different light. The Carmichael Show uses Jerrod’s brilliant stand-up style and weaves his somehow dark yet hilarious jokes
throughout the storyline.

David Allen Grier and Loretta Devine play Jerrod’s parents and they truly anchor the family dynamic of the show. Greer and Devine are seasoned comedy actors who add a funny and quick-paced element to the program. Both stars were even nominated for Image awards for outstanding actors in a comedy series.

Topics in the show range from gun control to Black Lives Matter to racism. Nothing seems to be off the table. Although the humor and topics can be very serious and dark, it is still a very smart and hilarious show. The jokes can be so biting, that even the audience will groan and laugh all at once.

The Carmichael Show is a truly refreshing take on the situational comedy. The show’s 3rd season will air on NBC in 2017.


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