PS Now: Streaming’s Next Brick and Mortar Killer

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Streaming is no longer the way of the future, it’s the way of the present. Sony recently released Playstation Now, a innovative, new video game streaming service, that offers over 500 PS4 and PS3 titles. Blockbuster, make some room for GameStop, they’ll be joining you shortly.

Starting at $20/month, after $10 for the first month, PS Now will cover streaming directly to your PS4 console and your Windows laptop. Gaming on Mac’s, phones, and other personal devices are soon to follow.

Although the gaming library is enormous, the selection leaves a lot of room for improvement. Choices are mainly from some of PS4’s classic games, like Red Dead Redemption and the Uncharted series, but hopefully, we’ll see new releases when Sony has some more success. Personally, I won’t even think about touching PS Now until they get every FIFA title available.

It’s a concept that’s been a long time coming. The television, movie, and music industries have all made the jump into the next phase of media content. It’s about time that gaming followed suit. Graphics and connection speeds will be an initial problem for Sony, and Microsoft/Xbox when they make the jump to streaming, but once it can be perfected, we will laugh at video game disks the same way we laugh at your old cable box.

Man, what an exciting time we live in. Every distraction you can imagine will soon be at your fingertips. Hours of sleep will simply disappear, productivity will screech to a grinding halt, and humans’ hand-eye coordination will evolve before our very eyes. The world will become lazier than it ever has been. Don’t worry though, the robots will be doing everything for us soon anyways.


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