Pitch Perfect: The Rise of Kylie Bunbury

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I can admit that the idea of a female Major League baseball player could be a tad farfetched, but if you’re familiar with the story of Mo’ne Davis, you might not be so skeptical. Even if you have trouble putting aside your doubts, the opening scene of Pitch will put your mind at ease; this girl came to play.

While I’m not a baseball fan per se, I am a huge Pitch fan. The writing was spectacular — and the acting certainly does it justice. Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s turn as Mike Lawson, aging future Hall of Fame catcher and bearded team leader, is nuanced and thoughtful. His chemistry with the ambitious take-no-shit-from-nobody agent Amelia Slater (Ali Larter) is somehow both steamy and adorable.

But its Mike Lawson’s relationship with rookie Ginny Baker that drives Gosselaar’s performance home. The two of them have a brother-sister banter and rapport that comes from his wisdom and her tenacity, and leaves you wishing they were in every scene together.

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