Where Marketing Becomes Art: Top 10 Mondo’s of the 2010’s

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Movies are art, well…in most cases. It’s difficult to compare a classic Bergman film with my personal guilty pleasure, Nacho Libre (it really is a great movie with plenty of quotable dialogue). Nonetheless, regardless of the amount of Jack Black,  all actors act, directors direct, and producers produce to more or less show off their artistic personalities.

However, when it comes to getting people to spend the $13+ for a movie ticket, don’t forget the $20 trip to the concession stand, marketing campaigns have followed tested guidelines. Make this actor this big, make this name this font, if we tint this orange/blue people will feel cool/energetic. It gets to be a little redundant, don’t you think?

That’s where Mondo posters come in. Since the late 90’s, Mondo has been collaborating with some of the world’s best graphic artists, creating unique posters of the some of films most iconic movies. Mondo literally means “something very striking or remarkable” and it’s easy to see why the name fits. There aren’t many better ways to connect with one of your favorite films than to view a purely artistic interpretation of it. Take a peak at my top 10 Mondo’s of the decade and feel every movies biggest moments flood your memory banks.

Get Out – Jay Shaw

Jay Shaw’s depiction of the racially charged horror flick, Get Out, reminds everyone of a few things: don’t trust psychiatrists, don’t trust anyone drinking tea with a metal spoon, and don’t sink.

The Hateful Eight – Jason Edmiston

Another Tarantino bloodfest and another Tarantino Mondo poster. When your movies dominate the cult classic genre like his, it’s hard to not have more than a few Mondo posters, and even a personal special 20th anniversary edition.

The Master – Laurent Durieux

Rest in peace to Philip Seymour Hoffman. The acting world sure does miss you. Hoffman’s supporting role as Lancaster Dodd in 2012’s World War II drama, The Master, brought in a number of accolades, and Durieux does him justice on this jarring poster.

Civil War: Captain America – Tyler Stout

Luckily, we don’t have to pick a side. We can all agree that this poster is dope, regardless of if you’re #TeamIronMan or #TeamCaptainAmerica. Is there anything Marvel can do wrong right now?

Les Misérables – Olly Moss

The music, the pageantry, the drama. Don’t we all wish we could have been lucky enough to live through the French Revolution? Les Misérables turns one of the most difficult times in world history into something utterly majestic and Moss is able to do the same thing.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Ken Taylor

“Oh what a lovely day!.” (Nux not Bill Withers). Taylor took a bleak post apocalyptic wasteland and colorized it into a vibrant, bleak, post apocalyptic wasteland. The bright colors don’t take away any of the stress I feel watching Tom Hardy strapped to a death mobile.

Kong: Skull Island – Francesco Francavilla

Fact: Samuel L. Jackson exists in all movie universes. From Tarantino films, to Marvel, to fighting giant gorilla in the middle of a deserted island, Jackson has the range to exist in all of them.

The Nice Guys – Matthew Woodson

Does it get more 70’s than this? The mustache, the cars, the overall vibe, The Nice Guys  is a joyous crime comedy and I would buy a ticket just from the fuzzy feelings I get looking at this old school scene. And let’s be honest, is there anyone that doesn’t like Ryan Gosling?

Deadpool – Rob Liefield

Have we ever had a superhero with more personality than Deadpool? Liefield’s Mondo looks like it could’ve been made by the Regenerating Degenerate himself, or at least he had a lot of input.

ParaNorman – DKNG

Kids movies usually don’t have the depth to be considered for a Mondo, but ParaNorman breaks the mold. Written and co-directed by Chris Butler, Norman Babcock uses his supernatural ability to talk to the dead to save his town. I’m sure he didn’t have any problems in history class.

Image Credits: Mondo Poster Archive

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