Game On! Wayne’s World Turns 25

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Saturday Night Live has been the origin of so many hilarious characters. Dozens of movies have been made based on one 5 minute sketch from SNL. Possibly the most successful and well-known SNL sketch-made-movie is Wayne’s World. Starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, Wayne’s World celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 14th. It is very hard to believe that this film is as old as a person who can legally rent a car. To honor the birthday of this hysterical film, many theatres around the nation have re-released it.

As funny as SNL sketches are, it is common for movie renditions of a sketch to flop. This is typically because the joke tires out quickly. It is difficult to keep a joke that is hilarious for 5 minutes, go on and on for 90 more minutes. That being said, some sketch movies have been hugely successful like The Blues Brothers which topped the national box office at over $57 million. Wayne’s World set the SNL movie bar with $121 million at the box office. No other SNL movie has ever come close to topping that.

So what makes this movie so popular? Well, that scene with the car sing-a-long to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely one of the most iconic moments in film. Seeing all those metal heads laughing and head banging in their junky little car to such a monumental song was something that many people can relate to. It was truly a moment from the 90’s that everyone remembers.

Besides that scene, there was so much more that made Wayne’s World break the SNL movie mold. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were able to take a funny little sketch and create a whole world. The used their characters and the setting to make social commentaries and satirize the entertainment culture.

Finally — and most importantly — this movie is STILL FUNNY. The jokes still work! Yes, it is definitely a ’90s flick, but it doesn’t feel dated. This is mostly because the movie was created by extremely talented writers who did not depend too much on ’90s trends or politics. Instead, it re-invented the movie soundtrack and coined new slang such as “Party On” or “Schwing!”

Wayne’s World was original, and it will forever be one of those movies that comes on TV that makes you stop changing the channel and say “I LOVE this movie!”

Happy Anniversary, Wayne’s World. May the party continue to go on and on.

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