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WARNING: Vague Spoilers Ahead

A couple of weeks ago, my roommate finally hopped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon (about 6.5 years late). It’s been rough for me, being the only one in my house that watches. I have nobody to talk GoT theory with and as all of us know, that’s half the entertainment of the show. Then I realized an even greater joy. Watching someone else’s mind get blown and remembering how it felt when I binged the first 3 seasons back in high school (only about 2.5 years late).

GoT has been on for 6 years, but for those that have invested hours and hours of their time to watching, talking, and thinking about the show, it’s hard to remember a time before it. The vast amount of depth that has been placed into the show, which even pales in comparison to the giant books I haven’t read, submerges its viewers into a whole other world. You see these characters transform through the hardships they’ve faced, some for better, and for some, much worse. Our emotions ride with the ups and downs of the show, and watching someone else experience them, is like experiencing them for yourself all over again.

That’s what makes the whole show work. My roommate cheered for Rob Stark, God bless his soul, to rip Jamie’s head off, but in the back of my mind I know he evolves into a much more complex character, one that you’d root for, if he wasn’t stuck on the wrong side. He thinks Khal Drogo is a tyrannical asshole who deserves to be a vegetable the rest of his days, but now we know that he helped bring the ruthless side out of Dany (the future Mad Queen???). He thinks Joffrey is bad, well he is crazy annoying, but little does he know, there’s this dude named Ramsey that will haunt your nightmares.

Ramsay: Nightmare Man

So, find a friend and get them hooked. Pretend that you’re giving them your HBOGo login to be nice. Watch their life routine turn into sleep, eat, work, binge, repeat. Then just wait for the big payoff with soda and some popcorn, as they watch the Red Wedding in horror, losing all hope for humanity on Earth and in Westeros. Don’t worry, they’ll recover…right? Wait have you…have I? Man, maybe I don’t want to go through that again.

Red Wedding Memories


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