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No Doubt, the band that backed Gwen Stefani for many years has teamed up with the lead singer from AFI to form the supergroup: Dream Car. At first, some might think this music will just sound like No Doubt with Davey Havok on vocals. Nope. Not at all. It’s not even a combo of the pop rock fun of No Doubt and the dark punk sound of AFI. Dream Car has created a sound that is an incredible 80’s throwback. On May 12 th , they released their self-titled album, and it is retro to the max. It is very reminiscent of the synth-pop/new wave styles of New Order, The Cure and even a little bit of Flock of Seagulls.

That being said, sometimes the songs can take a very cheesy turn. However, if you love 80’s music…cheese and all, this is the album for you. Their first single, “Kill for Candy” was released in March. This song is catchy and fun. It has the 80’s “new romantic” feel to it, but it’s also fresh and new. Dream Car has done a great job of mixing old and new to create a clean, distinctive sound.

In the music video, Davey Havok is almost unrecognizable. With a pencil thin mustache and a wild-printed suit, he could be straight out of a Depeche Mode video. Even the album artwork is nostalgic of the 80’s. Featuring a portrait of a new wave woman with wild hair and a pink visor over her eyes, it looks like the vinyl artwork for an obscure synth-pop band. Dream Car’s self-titled album released by Columbia Music is available to buy on iTunes, and the band is currently on tour.

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