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PS Now: Streaming’s Next Brick and Mortar Killer

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Streaming is no longer the way of the future, it’s the way of the present. Sony recently released Playstation Now, a innovative, new video game streaming service, that offers over 500 PS4 and PS3 titles. Blockbuster, make some room for GameStop, they’ll be joining you shortly.

Starting at $20/month, after $10 for the first month, PS Now will cover streaming directly to your PS4 console and your Windows laptop. Gaming on Mac’s, phones, and other personal devices are soon to follow.

Although the gaming library is enormous, the selection leaves a lot of room for improvement. Choices are mainly from some of PS4’s classic games, like Red Dead Redemption and the Uncharted series, but hopefully, we’ll see new releases when Sony has some more success. Personally, I won’t even think about touching PS Now until they get every FIFA title available.

It’s a concept that’s been a long time coming. The television, movie, and music industries have all made the jump into the next phase of media content. It’s about time that gaming followed suit. Graphics and connection speeds will be an initial problem for Sony, and Microsoft/Xbox when they make the jump to streaming, but once it can be perfected, we will laugh at video game disks the same way we laugh at your old cable box.

Man, what an exciting time we live in. Every distraction you can imagine will soon be at your fingertips. Hours of sleep will simply disappear, productivity will screech to a grinding halt, and humans’ hand-eye coordination will evolve before our very eyes. The world will become lazier than it ever has been. Don’t worry though, the robots will be doing everything for us soon anyways.


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How To Destroy All Your Friends at FIFA

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As an intern and the resident young person of the office, there are a lot of things that I don’t know. I am behind in almost every professional way. My work experience is almost zero and my important life experiences aren’t too high in number either. I am here to learn, contribute when I’m needed, and occasionally do the crap work that nobody else feels like doing. So it is nice every once in a while, ok more like every work day, to sit down with my bosses and teach them a tough lesson in “The Beautiful Game”, EA Sports FIFA 17. I am constantly accused of cheating, close games are a rarity, and handicaps have been enforced. Currently, I have to start every game 4 goals down and allow them to pick my team. It is finally becoming competitive. So logically, my employers have tasked me with writing a blog-style post teaching you (but mostly them) how to take the right steps to becoming a FIFA black belt.

Mini Games, Mini Games, MINI GAMES

Much like in real life, athletes don’t master their sport just by playing over and over again. Practice and drilling individual skills is of the utmost importance. The creators of FIFA knew this when they made those little mini games that most people ignore while checking their phones before kick off. Each game is tailor made to get you better at shooting, passing, dribbling, and every other vital piece of the game. Master these and you’ve got the tools to beat anyone.

Trust the Game

I know it’s tough to hear. FIFA is one of the most frustrating games ever created. It’s a real “love-hate” relationship and if things aren’t going your way, it’s definitely a “hate-rip your system out of its sockets and throw it out the window” relationship. But with every relationship, trust is key. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, stick with the tactics that FIFA provides your team with. Changing formations and style of play could put your players into a disadvantage without you even being aware. FIFA knows what its doing and showing its strategy some love may work in your favor.

Forget Online

I know how much fun Ultimate Team and Seasons are but it doesn’t get you any better. The winners in Ultimate Team are whoever spend the most money and the players that advance in seasons are the ones with the best internet connection. I am usually nagged about my hard tackles and my cheap play, but I just know what the game allows you to get away with. Get your timing right by slicing through A.I. defenders and taking your life frustrations out on their attackers ankles. The A.I. controls 20 players on the pitch at all times so it would make sense to understand how they work. It’s still a video game and every game has its weak spot. Stick to playing career mode, make sure it’s on legendary, and you’ll see yourself get exponentially better.

Keep It Simple

I can honestly say I have no clue how to use any of the skill moves. They make completely no sense to me and a simple side step will always do the trick. Quality attacks yield goals and it’s near impossible to do that if you can’t keep the ball for trying to break a defenders ankles. Along the same lines, crazy passes aren’t necessary. If you can’t get a quick through ball up the sideline or a give and go up the middle, just pass it around. The A.I. is designed to make some mistakes or else the game would literally be impossible. Just have some patience and you’ll be cutting up the defense in no time.

Disclaimer: MediaFoam and myself are not liable if you are still terrible at FIFA after reading this article. “The Beautiful Game” is not for everyone. If you can’t seem to get the hang of it, just give up and do something more meaningful with your time. It really is just a video game.

Main Image Credit: EA Sports

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