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Good to Know: Matt Goad

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Do you ever wonder just how creative people…ya know…create things?

Good To Know is a web series which explores the human beings behind your favorite works of art, from the art on your walls, to the car you drive. Each episode focuses on what inspires the people who inspire you.

The first installment features Matt Goad, the Oklahoma City artist who has been working professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years. Goad has been venturing into the realm of paintings on canvas since 2007. Whimsical, geometric, both simple and complex, his paintings of animals and nature draw inspiration from classic graphic design and pop art reproduction of the mid 20th century. The discovery of woodcut printing during college was a major turning point in the development of his illustration style — which he refers to as “chunkism” — utilizing stencils and acrylics to create a world where nature and geometry intersect perfectly.

From artists to chefs, Good To Know depicts amazing innovators, and puts a face on some of the astounding creations you may take for granted everyday. Take the time to listen to what makes these artists tick and you’ll understand what makes their work so special.

Main Image Credit: Matt Goad

The Art of Runway

in Entertainment

One of my favorite things to do is to stay up late, and get sucked down into the YouTube rabbit hole. It sounds a little terrifying, but it’s really wonderful to just lose yourself in something you’ve never really investigated before. The categories of what I look up change from month to month…depending on whatever it is I am currently obsessed with. These YouTube nights have now made me an expert on deep sea creatures, kung fu, and bloopers from The Office.

Lately, I have been FASCINATED by runway models. As a fan of America’s Next Top Model (R.I.P.) and Project Runway (please don’t judge me), I already feel like a novice when it comes to the world of fashion and modeling. However, I realized that I knew nothing about the exquisite art of runway walking until I started watching millions of YouTube video compilations of the most game-changing runway models.

The runway is a cool place.

Here is what I have learned: It’s not just about looking fierce and stomping your feet. You have to interact with the clothes AND the audience. It can just be a small caress of the fabric and a side eye to the row on the left, to a full-out removal of a coat and a dramatic kick while turning to go back.

I now feel like I have an excellent grasp of what it takes to be perfect on the runway. In fact,  have become such an expert, that I have made my own top 5 list for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

5. Kate Moss

Kate Moss was and still is the epitome of COOL. At only 5’7″, she blew away the most statuesque of models because of her laid-back style and cooler than cool gaze. She makes everything look easy and effortless.


4. Linda Evangelista

Linda is also very cool, but she has a little more flare on the runway. Her eyes are piercing, yet she always looks like she is having fun. She is known for her classic silhouette, her incredible neck, and her fun and flirty walk. She always sings along with the music (see her in a zillion George Michael vids), and always works  hard to show off the fashions she sports.

3. Lineisy Montero

Elegance, class and poise. This lady has perfect posture and an icy stare that goes straight into your soul. Nothing can penetrate her  focus, and her walk is strong with a hint of intelligence and class.

2. Karlie Kloss

They call her “the panther”. It is easy to see why. Karlie doesn’t walk. She saunters. It is captivating to watch. She is so good, she has been named as one of the most iconic supermodels by Elle Magazine.

1. Tyra Banks

Surprised? There is just simply no other model that is better. Tyra has it all. When she walks down a runway, she makes you feel like you are all at a party. She lets the clothes and fashion determine the mood and her style. Sometimes, she dances. Sometimes, she looks into the crowd and winks, as if she saw an old flame or a close friend. But you know she can’t see anyone or anything in those bright lights! That’s the thing though…she makes it look easy. She always looks super into it. Tyra is a queen and will always reign as America’s…no…the WORLD’S top runway model.



Main Image Credit : Fashion Statement
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