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The US has fallen on some pretty dark times recently. A Twitter troll is our president (at least for the next few weeks), Hollywood is a few warm days from falling into the Pacific, and the Warriors will win every NBA Finals for the next 5 years. We need some optimism in the world, regardless of how ridiculous it seems. Where oh where can we turn to distract us?

Answer: South Korea. They have perfected the art of television. Sure we have Game of Thrones and Power, but they have Infinity Challenge. If you’re wondering what this is, the name is pretty self-explanatory. A group of crazy hosts have come up with a variety of even crazier challenges, filled with weird twists and hilarious results. Even Jack Black looked out of place. (Also had no clue Jack Black had such a big following in South Korea fan base).

My favorite part is just how uncomfortable Black looks. In my mind I’m picturing his agent calling him one day and saying, “Hey Jack, I got you booked on this huge South Korean game show. You just have to show up, do a couple of silly challenges that America assumes you do at home anyways, and get paid.” Then he shows up at the studio and they give him a painter’s suit with some Where’s Waldosocks and watch his face continuously morph like he’s touching the Orb Of Confusion.

This is Tosh.O, but without making audiences physically ill 4 or 5 times an episode and Daniel Tosh has been raking in dough for years. Infinite Challenge is good, wholesome, family fun. What brings people together more than questioning the sanity of people on a TV screen? Some major network needs to get on this. Infinity has been around since 2006. This has existed for 11 YEARS and we don’t have our full-fledged American version? That is unacceptable. Especially when cable TV needs so much help.

Let’s stop acting like we are some sophisticated society that needs shows to make sense to enjoy them. Come on, we religiously follow Kimye and live in a culture that adores Lil Uzi. The things we like are already pretty bizarre. Let’s at least be honest about it.

PS: They may have found a way to slow down Warriors.

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