What To Do With That Old Cable Box

DirecTV, Comcast, Dish, and whatever other cable company executives are out there, huddle together in fear. Once enemies, they look around and realize that they’re all about to meet the same fate. Web based content providers are taking over and there’s nothing they can do about it. Streaming services are simply the next step in… Keep Reading


Divorce Songs

HBO’s new series, Divorce finished its 1st season this year, and recently announced that a second season will be picked up. In the realm of all the action-packed excitement of shows that HBO has to offer (Game of Thrones, Westworld, True Detective), it is easy to gloss over some of the simpler, more idiosyncratic shows like Girls or… Keep Reading

Terror Jr.

Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: July

     Welcome to the domain where underground art rises from the ashes for a brief moment like a phoenix, only to land in that pretty little device of yours to get played on repeat. Each month it shall be my pleasure to fulfill your soul with new music that deserves mass appreciation.    … Keep Reading


Ranking the Dragon: Who is the Most Deadly Bruce Lee?

There are few things in this world better than watching the late-great-legendary martial arts master, THE Bruce Lee, dissemble opponents in any of his classic karate flicks. Since there is obviously no match for Lee, all that’s left to do is compare him against the only worthy adversary, himself. Yes, this is a Zac personal indulgence… Keep Reading


Bojack Horseman: A Celebrity Hero

We watch them on T.V., buy their brands, and read about them in magazines, but how much do we really know about our favorite celebrities? We constantly scrutinize them, truly believing that what they are in our minds, is the ideal version of what a human being is. However, we all know that this isn’t… Keep Reading


4 Must-Hear Podcasts For 30-Somethings

You love the idea of podcasts, but there are way too many out there for you to sift through to find the best ones. Don’t worry — I did all the work for you! 1. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes Hosted by comedian, Pete Holmes. This podcast is basically a series of interviews… Keep Reading


3 Netflix Comedy Specials You Need To Watch This Weekend

Netflix currently has a load of comedy specials streaming right now. Here are three gems that everyone should check out! Iliza Shlesinger – Confirmed Kills This is Iliza Shlesinger’s 3rd hour-long special. Shlesinger is loud, proud and not afraid to be silly. Her set is filled with funny voices and hysterical asides. Her material is… Keep Reading


How To Destroy All Your Friends at FIFA

As an intern and the resident young person of the office, there are a lot of things that I don’t know. I am behind in almost every professional way. My work experience is almost zero and my important life experiences aren’t too high in number either. I am here to learn, contribute when I’m needed,… Keep Reading


Dream Car: 80’s Magic

No Doubt, the band that backed Gwen Stefani for many years has teamed up with the lead singer from AFI to form the supergroup: Dream Car. At first, some might think this music will just sound like No Doubt with Davey Havok on vocals. Nope. Not at all. It’s not even a combo of the pop rock… Keep Reading


Pearl Earl: Meet the Cosmic Queens of Rock

Pearl Earl is a fresh, new band to have on all your pool party mixes this summer. From Denton Texas, these insanely talented ladies are masters at combining powerful, musical flair with fun. Pearl Earl’s sound is energetic and kaleidoscopic. It is reminiscent of the trippy 60’s mixed with a little bit of the spirit of the 90’s.… Keep Reading

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